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BMW and HERE’s latest collaborations unveiled at the CES 2015

USA: BMW, the car maker has announced at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015 in Las Vegas about the latest applications it has enabled with help of HERE related to maps, navigation and collaboration.

One of the cars in display at CES, the BMW i3 is equipped with cloud-based connectivity and a HERE app that synchronises digital devices such as a smartphone with the vehicle’s navigation system.

ConnectedDrive on BMW enabled by HERE - cloud based app

According to HERE, this is a result of the collaboration between experts at BMW and HERE over the last 12 months. This concept of Connected car, synchronises all your apps on mobile devices, wearable devices along with the in-car dashboard providing you a seamless driving experience, and usability across multiple devices and platforms.

Right from planning your trips over mobile or a PC to syncing those trips with the car navigation system, updating maps on the fly and sharing your tips with family or friends – these are some of the new capabilities. The app further goes onestep ahead, and even can monitor the fuel levels in the car, and accordingly drive you to the nearest gas station.

HERE along with BMW is also showcasing a customized companion app for BMW running on iOS and Android at the show.

Source: BMW & HERE