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BMKG selects SuperGIS Desktop 3.1 to study meteorology

Taiwan: SuperGeo Technologies announced that Indonesian Meteorological, Climatological & Geophysical Agency (BMKG) selected SuperGIS Desktop 3.1 to integrate and visualise a variety of spatial data and statistics about meteorology.

The meteorology agency provides information, early warnings and official recommendations in meteorology domain, to the Indonesian government. Established in 1984, BMKG is the non-departmental government agency focusing on monitoring environmental and climate changes and providing accurate weather analyses and forecasts to minimise the losses caused by natural disasters.    

BMKG utilised SuperGIS Desktop 3.1 to build a GIS platform for integrating meteorological information, conducting in-depth research in environment and climate change, and developing applications such as rainfall analyses, air quality monitoring, damage analyses for tsunami, flood analyses, etc.

SuperGIS 67-97 CTS Analyst 3.0a now available
In addition, the company announced that the new version of SuperGIS 67-97 CTS Analyst 3.0a is now available. For manipulation, the Coordinate Transformation System Analysis extension requires SuperGIS Desktop 3.1.

Specialising in converting the coordinate systems of spatial data of Taiwan and Penghu Islands, SuperGIS 67-97 CTS Analyst 3.0a provides users with three kinds of conversions such as 7 parameters transformation, coordinate transformation of Taiwan Third-Order Satellite Control Points, and coordinate system customisation.  

SuperGIS 67-97 CTS Analyst 3.0a also contains four commonly-used coordinate systems, including TWD67, TWD97, WSG84 and Hu-Tzu-Shan datum. The CTS Analyst can be used to convert coordinates from one coordinate system to another, overlap the layers in different coordinate systems, and operate advanced analysis applications.

SuperGeo can customise Coordinate Transformation System Analyst for worldwide users. If you have any requirement of converting your local coordinate systems, please feel free to contact us.

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