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Bluesky maps cities at night from the air

UK: Bluesky is initiating a new service to map Britain’s cities and towns at night. Through Nightsky photomaps, the company will record the location street lights, illuminated road signs and other night-time sources of light. The light emission maps will also provide an accurate base for asset inventories, light pollution assessment and energy optimisation for electricity plants.

Using specially developed technology to capture night orthophotos for the first time, Bluesky’s map can be used directly in a desktop mapping tool or GIS system. Providing additional intelligence for local authorities and other organisations that are responsible for lighting infrastructure Nightsky maps can be used as an aid for street lighting inventories and condition assessments and to assist with the identification of units for routine maintenance or fault repair.

Additional applications of the night-time survey images are expected to include measurement of illumination for energy consumption evaluations and additional intelligence to support innovative projects to ‘dim’ or even switch off selected streetlights in an effort to save money and reduce carbon emissions. Using advanced spatial queries and mapping techniques Bluesky Nightsky maps can also be used to provide an assessment of light pollution helping to reduce unnecessary illumination and focus lighting infrastructure where it is needed most.

Source: Bluesky