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BlueSky helps improve flood risk assessment

UK, 22 March 2007 : Aerial survey specialist BlueSky is revolutionising the prediction of flood events and modelling of flood impacts through the supply of highly accurate height data and aerial photography. BlueSky has provided BWB Consulting Ltd with data to complete a number of projects to determine the risk of flooding at development sites throughout the UK. Height information captured by aircraft mounted laser technology (LiDAR) is accompanied by detailed aerial photography enabling BWB to undertake complex analysis of the flood risk and potential damage without the need for costly site surveys.

BWB is one of the UK’s leading integrated engineering and environmental consultancy companies, offering multi discipline engineering solutions to the property, development and construction industries. The company offers five core engineering disciplines including the Water Engineering division, which offers specialist services in the field of flood risk, hydrology, river and coastal modelling and drainage design.

“A development site and the surrounding river catchment area would cost tens of thousands of pounds to survey using conventional methods,” said Iqbal Rasssool, Associate Director, Water Division. “Using LiDAR data to create a ground model of the area and applying our 2-dimensional flood modelling techniques, we can provide an accurate representation of the flooding mechanism at a fraction of the price. In addition the ground surface detail provided by the aerial photography is essential in understanding the specific surface characteristics of the site and communicating project results in a meaningful way.”

In addition to the LiDAR data, BlueSky, as a result of the GeoPerspectives™ joint venture with Infoterra, has nationwide coverage of highly detailed up to date aerial photography, enabling delivery of imagery to BWB in a timely and cost effective way.

BlueSky is a UK based specialist in aerial imaging and remote sensing data collection and processing. With projects extending from New York to Paris they have an international reputation for the creation of seamless, digital aerial photography and 3D landscape/cityscape visualisations. BlueSky also runs a national mapping centre, providing digital maps, site plans, satellite imagery, aerial photography and ultra-high resolution imagery of cities and towns.