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BlueSky awarded Natural Environmental Research Council contract in UK

BlueSky International has been awarded a contract to create a digital archive of aerial photography for the Natural Environmental Research Council (NERC). The project, which was commissioned by the NERC Earth Observation Data Centre (NEODC) who are based at the CCLRC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Didcot, UK is due to be completed within twelve months and involves the digitisation of approximately 43,200 images and the capture of information relating to these images. The NEODC contract covers the scanning of their aerial photography archive that is an estimated 43,200 unique images dating back to 1982. The photographs were taken by the NERC Airborne Research and Survey Facility aircraft, predominantly in the UK but also at other sites in Europe, including the Mediterranean and the Arctic. The images are housed at the British Geological Survey headquarters near Nottingham. In addition to the scanning process, which will produce high-resolution digital image files, the project will also create a database of information pertaining to each image. For example date of the photography, location and additional site reference information together with information relating to the camera or aircraft. The project was commissioned by NEODC as part of their role in supporting the Council’s earth observation community in locating, accessing, interpreting and exploiting Earth Observation data and ensuring the long term integrity of Earth Observation datasets produced and acquired by NERC projects and programmes.