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Bluesky 3D model of Exeter city aids public consultation

UK, January 22, 2009 — Part of the City of Exeter, UK, has been turned into a virtual reality 3D model using data from aerial mapping company Bluesky. The dynamic 3D computer visualisation, commissioned by Devon County Council, has been designed to support a public consultation for a new park and ride scheme. Combining 3D representations of every building in the locality with detailed aerial photography the Bluesky model is being used to illustrate the effect of the scheme on the local environment, providing residents with a view of the scheme.

The model was created from 10cm resolution aerial photography and a Digital Terrain Model (DTM), to produce the base onto which the proposed park and ride facility and related infrastructure was overlaid. Using modelling and animation software from Autodesk the Council was able to create a number of animation sequences to highlight the proportions of the site in its real world context and its impact on the surrounding environment.

“The 3D model and aerial imagery from Bluesky were central to our communication with local residents and other interested parties during the public consultation phase of this project,” commented Ben Naylor 3D Modelling Engineer. “The accuracy of the data gave us complete confidence in our presentation and the real world detail was crucial in helping people to understand the effect of the development on the surrounding environment and the measures we were proposing to minimise its impact to local residents.”

The 3D building data is a part of a new range of off the shelf geographic data solutions from Bluesky. Created from the most up-to-date, high-resolution aerial photography, Bluesky 3D building models map every building over 100 cubic metres and have an accuracy of 60cm or less. The models also include road and vegetation detail, coupled with an underlying Digital Terrain Map (DTM), placing the urban representation in its true world context.