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BlueSky 3D Model Helps Coastal Management

Leicestershire, UK, July 12, 2007: Aerial mapping company BlueSky has created a revolutionary 3D map accurate model of the Teign Estuary in Devon to help communicate future management plans to the public and stakeholder organisations. Commissioned by the Teign Estuary Partnership the model combines detailed aerial photography with sophisticated printing technology to produce a physical 3D model complete with real world view of the estuary and surrounding area including detail such as trees, hedges and buildings.

BlueSky created the physical model by combining aerial photography with ground measurements to produce a 3D computer model of the estuary. Just as a standard desktop printer produces a hard copy replication of a document BlueSky’s Contex 3D printer produced a physical model of the computer generated design. Proprietary software ‘sliced’ the computer design into thousands of ultra fine layers that were then individually ‘printed’ by spreading a sub millimetre thin layer of composite powder onto a base. The model was then built up with subsequent layers of powder that were fixed together using a liquid binder.