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Blue Marble to exhibit Coordinate Conversion technology

Maine, USA, 29 May 2007: Blue Marble Geographics has announced that they will be exhibiting their coordinate conversion technology at the 2007 ESRI Survey & Engineering GIS Summit in San Diego, California starting from June 16.

Blue Marble’s Coordinate Conversion Technology
Blue Marble’s coordinate conversion software products provide a means for users to change the coordinate systems of their vector based map data to any known coordinate system, or any other custom system that can be defined.

Blue Marble’s coordinate conversion software products include:
GeoCalc 6.3 is an object oriented Class Library for software developers. It relies upon an XML data source, contains EPSG v6.11.2 (European Petroleum Survey Group) and provides support for WKT (well-known text). GeoCalc 6.3 also includes support for 3-D coordinate transformation models and supports a range of development environments and platforms. In addition, GeoCalc 6.3 supports custom definitions and thus any other coordinate system database.

Geographic Calculator
Geographic Calculator Version 6.3 is a coordinate conversion tool available with Batch Point Database file processing. It will help to manage mapping data easily, accurately and quickly with the tool.

Geographic Translator
The Translator uses latest coordinate conversion library which relies on an XML datasource and also includes full EPSG (European Petroleum Survey Group). Over 12,000 pre-defined coordinate systems are supported. The Translator also supports Map Files Formats of ESRI, AutoDesk, Bentley, MapInfo and others.

About Blue Marble Geographics:
Blue Marble Geographics is a developer and provider of geographic software products that provide solutions for users and developers of geographic data. Along with coordinate conversion software products and services Blue Marble is also providing solutions such as Image Reprojection and Vector Translation.

For more information visit www.bluemarblegeo.com