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Blue Marble to exhibit at AAAE GIS conference

Maine, US: Blue Marble Geographics will be exhibiting at the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) GIS 2010 conference in San Antonio, Texas on March 22.  The company invites GIS fraternity to join it at the conference dedicated to the use of GIS at airports and in the aviation field. The company is bridging the gap between survey data and user-friendly GIS data.

Company’s batch processing tools are saving companies’ time and money around the world and thus helping them to realise a return on their investment (ROI) quickly by creating new efficient, powerful workflows. Some of the features of the Blue Marble Desktop include:
– Workspace saving and job creation that can be replicated and shared with other users,
– Batching capability in all jobs and the ability to string jobs together to create powerful, time saving workflows that you can use time and time again,
– New projection recovery tool for raster and vector datasets,
– Spatial database support for ESRI Geodatabase, ArcSDE and personal and file Geodatabase along with Oracle Spatial and PostGIS native spatial database objects,
– Enhanced ArcGIS extension for extending the geodetic capabilities of ArcMap.

“Highly accurate mapping is a requirement for all airports around the country” stated Blue Marble Account Manager Adam Hill. “Blue Marble software provides flexible and useful transformation software tools that allow airport GIS professionals to handle complex coordinate system relationships effectively in order to translate grid survey data into the GIS environment.”

Source: Blue Marble