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Blue Marble releases new LiDAR module of Global Mapper

US: Blue Marble Geographics has released LiDAR Module for Global Mapper version 15.2 featuring added support for the transformation (shift/rotate/scale) of LiDAR point clouds and the option to filter selected LiDAR points to a specified elevation and/or colour range.

The LiDAR Module is an optional add-on for Global Mapper, a GIS application that offers access to variety of spatial datasets. The LiDAR Module is included with the installation of Global Mapper v15 (or higher) but requires a separate license key to be activated. Global Mapper now includes the ability to easily cut, copy, and paste LiDAR points between layers making this easy-to-use GIS application a great solution for efficiently organising LiDAR data.

Additional upgrades to the LiDAR Module include a new “LIDAR_CLASSIFY script command” for automatically classifying ground points, an option to keep the original file offset/scale, or to specify a new one when exporting to LiDAR LAS/LAZ files. Also included is the ability to crop to a selected area when specifying the bounds to import from a LiDAR point cloud, and the ability to export point cloud to Esri File Geodatabases (GDB) as normal 3D point features.

Source: Blue Marble