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Blue Marble Geographics has recently announced that its GeoMapServer is now fully OGC compliant. Blue Marble has been writing GIS software tools and solutions for over 12 years. GeoMapServer is a complete re-write of the BeyondGeo MapServer that has been developed according to the OGC specification, and is scalable and cost effective. Blue Marble is known worldwide for their geographic software tools and in particular, coordinate conversion technology.

GeoMapServer has been officially certified with the OGC’s Open GIS Web Map Service 1.1.1. Being fully OpenGIS compliant allows GIS users to share and reuse data, improve the quality of information, and reduce the need to rely on one vendor. As a software vendor that creates tools known for complementing other mapping tools, this certification is a natural fit for Blue Marble. Implementation of this spec allows GeoMapServer to work with any OGC compliant GIS. So users of standard GIS desktops can readily accesses data served to the internet via GeoMapServer.

GeoMapServer is a robust, powerful and flexible toolkit for creating, customizing and publishing interactive maps on public and private websites. GeoMapServer contains a web mapping server, a mapcomposer application, and a customizable web interface for on-line display of maps. The product is available for both internal and external or revenue generating projects through a flexible pricing model and open architecture.