Blue Marble, 1Spatial support Data Quality survey

Blue Marble, 1Spatial support Data Quality survey


Gardiner, USA, October 19, 2007: Blue Marble Geographics, in cooperation with 1Spatial, is supporting a research initiative by the Spatial Data Quality Working Group of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). Blue Marble President, Patrick Cunningham, is Vice Chair of the Spatial Data Quality Working Group (WG) and he has worked together with Graham Stickler of 1Spatial to develop the survey. The Charter of this WG is to attempt to establish how data quality can be both defined and communicated, using standards to help in the reuse of spatial data and in the creation and management of spatial data infrastructures.

The WG is working to develop a framework, or model, for quality assurance web services that will enable access and sharing of high quality geospatial information, improve data analysis and ultimately influence policy decisions. As a first step the WG has commissioned a survey to try and establish some context and importance of Spatial Data Quality to the various stakeholders in the spatial data supply chain.

The survey went live this week and is wide reaching, targeting many geospatial data suppliers and users from around the world. The WG hopes that this survey will provide a solid foundation for developing relevant terms of measure and a powerful spatial data quality model.

Graham Stickler of 1Spatial, chair of the Working Group, commented, “From the very beginning we recognized that the various participants in the geospatial data supply chain may have different requirements when it comes to data quality. As a group we feel the best way to understand the importance and meaning of data quality to these stakeholders is to reach out and poll them ourselves. I’m delighted that as a Group we have managed to raise awareness and develop interest across the community over the past 9 months. We encourage all geospatial users to participate in this survey and build momentum in this increasingly important area of the geospatial industry.”