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Blue Marbel announced new version of Geographic Transformer

Blue Marble Geographics announced that a new version of Geographic Transformer is now available. The Geographic Transformer 5.0 is a major version upgrade that adds the features necessary to be one of the most recognized image reprojection software products in today’s GIS industry. Blue Marble has been writing GIS software tools and solutions for over 10 years, releasing the first version of Geographic Transformer in 1996.

With the addition of read/write support for JPEG 2000 and ECW it can now read all large file formats. Version 5.0 also improves on the batch transformation capabilities of 4.6, automating steps in the process for a true batch transformation. This allows users to load an entire directory for direct reprojection to a common output coordinate system.  Geographic Transformer 5.0 also now gives the user the ability to choose between bilinear and cubic convolution resampling methods in addition to the nearest neighbor method used in previous versions.  New image file format support includes First Generation JPG2000 read/write support, ECW read/write support, as well as enhanced (internally georeferenced) MrSID display.