Blue Bear advances UAV automation research

Blue Bear advances UAV automation research


Blue Bear advances UAV automation researchUK, September 24, 2014: The University of Bristol in partnership with Blue Bear Systems, have launched a new concept called Smart Boomerang, which will help automate UAV flight in certain challenging conditions.

The system allows an unmanned aerial vehicle to learn the path it takes, thus helping it retrace its own flight path. When the UAV loses its GPS, is indoors or has minimal operator control, the smart system will allow it to return safely home, instead of getting lost.

The system creates a “point cloud” of objects on the UAV’s route, and uses these to retrace it. Eventually an obstacle avoidance feature will be added to the system, although the team is focusing on the navigation side at the moment.

Richard Bostock, project manager and technical lead for the programme at Blue Bear informed that the system is currently in a proof-of-concept stage, but the company already organised a customer demonstration on September 17 to kick off interests.

Source: Flightglobal