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Blom signs partnership agreement with Tesera Systems

Norway: Blom has signed a partnership agreement with a Canadian company, Tesera Systems, to produce enhanced forest inventories based on remote sensing technology to address rapid changes in the environment and landscape. This agreement aims to provide enhanced forest inventories and analysis services for the North American and European markets. In addition, it will address rapidly changing needs such as carbon accounting and environmental risk assessment (insects, fire and flood) at landscape, stand and tree level scales.

Bruce MacArthur, President & CEO of Tesera Systems, said, “Our goal is to develop enhanced inventories that can provide higher quality information that can be more easily updated to direct forest operations in response to fluctuating market conditions, to better support initiatives such as carbon accounting and to realise new business opportunities. Together with Blom, we will have a unique position in our markets.”

Tesera Systems brings extensive knowledge and expertise in growth and yield, forest inventory development and resource modelling, analysis and integrated resource management planning. On the other hand, Blom is a recognised leading company providing LiDAR processing, remote sensing and forest inventories in Europe and will bring this knowledge, technology and methods into the vast forested areas in Canada.

Source: Blom