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Blom begins 2014 BlomSTREET data capture

BlomSTREET can provide visualisation, simulation and education of vital infrastructure sites such as airports, hospitals and petrochemical parks. Norway: Blom, a leading European service provider within acquisition, processing and modeling of geographic information, has informed media that it has already started BlomSTREET data capturing process in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

BlomSTREET is a cloud-based, geo-referenced street view service. The street imagery is targeted at inventory, measurements, digitalisation and planning of buildings and objects in street and urban environments. This allows for easy measuring of building heights, poles, armatures, traffic signs and man holes, all with high accuracy. Combined with vector data, street view imagery provides additional valuable information and clear understanding of any street environment.

Throughout 2013, Blom collected approximately 30 000 km of street view data in Sweden, Norway and Finland. In 2014, a large number of new and existing areas are planned to be captured. The data capturing season starts in April and ends in October.

Source: Blom