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BlackBridge acquires 50% stake in Brazil’s geospatial company

Canada: BlackBridge has recently purchased 50% of Brazil’s leading geospatial company Santiago & Cintra Consultoria (SCC). This transaction demonstrates BlackBridge’s commitment to the Brazilian market. Together, BlackBridge and SCC will expand their existing offerings and grow their mutual customer base by taking advantage of their combined assets, know-how and strong position in the marketplace. With this strategic transaction, BlackBridge has created an innovative new model with the size, scale and brand recognition needed to focus on the strategic development of products and solutions for this market.

"This operation will definitely have a positive impact in the growth of our organization. Brazil is an important market for us for several reasons: the country has a large territory, a very strong agriculture industry, and it has invested in important environmental programs, which are of particular interest to BlackBridge. In addition to this, SCC has been an excellent partner of our company for many years,” said Ryan Johnson, President and CEO of BlackBridge. “BlackBridge has a unique product and we have been very successful in developing solutions using RapidEye imagery. We have resold over 30 million km2 of 5-meter imagery over the Brazilian territory. There are many companies and government institutions that use RapidEye images every day, and we will now work together to also provide them new products and solutions,” said Musse Felix, CEO of SCC.

Source: BlackBridge