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Biodiversity GIS in Taiwan

Taiwan: SuperGeo has established Biodiversity GIS in Endemic Species Research Institute in Taiwan. The system aims to achieve the goal of central management, distributed applications and data sharing. It facilitates Institute to understand the time and spatial distribution of species.

The Institute is the top government agency to research wild flora and fauna in Taiwan. To improve the interoperability and sharing between the databases of the Institute and other research units and schools, the Institute intended to apply WebGIS technologies to develop a system which meets international standards and integrates several databases, such as Taiwan Wildlife Database, Ecological Engineering Method Database and Freshwater Fish Database.

Hence, Biodiversity GIS, a WebGIS platform including multiple databases and providing data display and query, is developed by SuperGeo, allowing users to use Internet browsers to manipulate the functions and query the data. The web GIS adopts SuperWebGIS, the Internet Map Server Software, as the map server of the system to publish maps and WMS services as well as provide various GIS manipulations. Users can utilise the aforementioned supported browsers to view, query, add and manage the species data easily.
GIS Training to Indonesia
In another context, SuperGeo has provided reseller training courses for its Indonesian reseller, Datascrip, in Jakarta, Indonesia. During the training programme, SuperGeo team offered technical training courses of SuperGIS software and the new features of SuperGIS 3 products. The team also provided sales and marketing training for Datascrip.

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