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Binovi by Eyecarrot Partners with Microsoft’s Azure Databricks

CANADA: Eyecarrot Innovations Corp is pleased to announce it has initiated implementation of Microsoft’s Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform Azure Databricks. As a follow on to the partnership with Microsoft as a member of its BizSpark Plus Program, valued at $500,000 in services, software, and support, Binovi by Eyecarrot will now accelerate big data analytics and artificial intelligence solutions with Azure Databricks.

This new infrastructure will provide a modern data warehouse that will seamlessly bring together all of the company data at any scale, provide insights, operational reports and advanced analytics for all Binovi users. Binovi will now provide advanced analytics on big data by transforming our data into actionable insights leveraging best-in-class machine learning tools. This architecture allows the company to combine any data at any scale and will have the ability to build and deploy custom machine learning models.

The key component to this deployment is the combination of a collaborative workspace to enable data engineers, data scientists, and business users to collaborate and comment on shared projects as a team, and then easily build, train and deploy AI models at scale for optimized deep learning. Binvoi by Eyecarrot is currently available on over 4 continents, and historical devices total over 5000 globally. As the company extends its data capture toolset around the human visual system and how it interacts with the body, balance system and brain, machine learning and AI will significantly accelerate the value of the company’s big data.

“We’re developing a ML system that leverages both Apple’s and Microsoft’s AI to extend our data capture and processing infrastructure, giving deeper and richer insights.” Commented CTO, Salim Mithani, PhD.