BIM: the new modelling tool for mines

BIM: the new modelling tool for mines


Australia: Building Information Management (BIM) is a new engineering modelling practise that allows mines to bring together all facets of engineering into a three dimensional, dynamic model of a proposed mine prior to construction and maintain a live record during operation. The 3D model of the design can highlight any issues associated with the planned site’s geometry and geographic information as well as the spatial relationships, quantities and properties of infrastructure components before a bull dozer even scrapes the surface.

This is achieved by linking 3D model elements with data for infrastructure elements of plant down to individual nuts and bolts. When linked with the fourth dimension, the model elements can be linked to schedule tools to provide earned value reporting during construction as well as maintenance scheduling during the operational phase of the mine.

Traditionally, mine operators have had to overcome the challenges associated with integrating the components of the design as they came up during construction or operation.

Furthermore, the model can simulate the facility’s operations to identify its future asset management needs and upgrades, without starting from scratch. It applies to the whole site infrastructure, not just the buildings.

Source: AJM