Home News ‘BIM helping to cash in on booming infra’

‘BIM helping to cash in on booming infra’

Qatar: There is a need to shift from 2D software to newer Building Information Modelling (BIM) design solutions to meet the increasing demands within the burgeoning infrastructure sector due to the 2022 FIFA World Cup, according to Fawzi Ismail, GM at MZ & Partners. A major architectural and engineering consultancy in Qatar, MZ & Partners just implemented Revit-based BIM technology to fast-track its current crop of projects, worth USD 824m.
Ismail explained, “Construction projects waste a lot of money in the constant revision of electrical drawings, HVAC and plumbing plans and other drawing designs due to clashes in measurement and other factors. This demonstrates the need to shift from traditional AutoCAD design to the more revolutionary BIM technology.” 
“The implementations of Revit-based BIM technology will not only address the issue of clashes in design, but will also help us save on costs and about 60 percent of production time, which is four to six weeks off the design process,” said Ismail.
Ismail said the consultancy’s pool of architects and designers are now able to link the structural and MEP models directly into the architectural model, and see the structural and MEP components on the architectural drawings.
The solutions have also helped the firm in making better-informed decisions, as the presence of key BIM software automatically updates the entire model when changes are made. Clients now have access to various reports on the effect of different design options, allowing more scope for faster decision-making.
Source: ConstructionWeekOnline