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Billoo, Telenor to offer better traffic solutions worldwide

Sweden: Billoo Development and Telenor Connexion have formed a partnership to deploy “Billoo global sustainable road mobility management solutions” worldwide.

Congestion is a huge drain on the economy and on the environment with its costs, three percent of GDP in OECD countries and even higher in Asia. Many strategies have been tested but only a permanent and real time management of traffic demands throughout an entire road network can properly solve road traffic issues. This requires a solution with the ability to process an extensive number of very short messages (via machine-to-machine, M2M, communication) and a high capacity of computations at low rates, said Telenor.

Pablo Contreras, Global Business Development Executive, Telenor Connexion, said, “Traffic management is becoming increasingly important in modern society and governments around the world are beginning to realise this. One of the strengths of the Billoo solution is its global deployment.”

Philip van der Heijden, CEO of Billoo Development BV, said, “Telenor Connexion’s global mobile network is optimised to receive high volume data traffic.” Further Philip added that by having developed its own solution from inception, by exchanging data between vehicles and its computer centre in a bi-directional manner and by computing this data in real time, Billoo offers a fully comprehensive solution based on GPS/GPRS technologies which solves all the main issues regarding the management of road mobility independently of the length and nature of the road network and independently of the number of vehicles moving simultaneously (regardless of vehicle quantity).

Source: Telenor Connexion