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Bihar state transport buses to go online

December 6, 2002, Buses run by the Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation (BSTDC) will go online. If passengers travelling in the BSTDC buses get stranded anywhere along the Patna-Ranchi route, the control room in Patna will immediately track down the bus through its online facility.

To facilitate a “trouble-free” journey in the BSTDC buses, it has been done to track the point to point movement of the buses. A specially designed satellite-based Global Positioning System (GPS) has been brought here from Pune to be installed in the BSTDC buses running along the Patna-Ranchi and Patna-Bodh Gaya routes.

Each machine, costing roughly around Rs 30,000, has been tested and can be fitted in all vehicles, including cars.

On Thursday, the BSTDC installed this box-like equipment on the Patna-Ranchi bus for the trial run. The device will record the number of stoppages, distance in kilometres covered, speed and fuel consumption. In a normal situation, the BSTDC remains totally ignorant about the status of its buses on the route. Normally, reports about theft, breakdown and minor accidents are not available to officials. Now, the BSTDC-bus driver will also be provided with mobile phones, called short message service (SMS), to send information to the headquarters about the status of the bus.

The control room, equipped with computers, will function round the clock. “If anybody wants to know the location of the bus then he or she will be immediately informed through the Internet facility in Patna,” said an official.To prevent “leakage”, the device will also help the BSTDC to check the theft of fuel and other accessories. “Now, the driver of the BSTDC will no longer be free to detain the bus at an unscheduled point,” said the BSTDC official.

BSTDC managing director Atul Prasad told TNN that in case of any problem or during detention, the driver has to immediately inform the control room through the SMS. “If the system succeeds then it will also be used in long-distance cars as a safety measure device,” Prasad said.

To make it hi-tech, the BSTDC has decided to install “touch screen kiosks” at important locations in Patna and Bodh Gaya. National Informatics Centre (NIC) has developed a software on Bihar tourism, enlisting each and every detail of the corporation in the touch screen kiosk, which would be put at the entrance gate of hotel Kautilya Vihar from next week. The total cost of this machine is Rs 1 lakh.

“Any person will be able to know the rate of the BSTDC bungalow, routes, facilities, places of interest and other related information just by clicking on the machine,” Prasad said. The BSTDC has decided to install this machine at the Jayaprakash Narain International airport, Patna, the reception counter of the BSTDC and at Bodh Gaya in the first phase.