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Bhuvan’s data to be available for common users

India: Bhuvan, India’s answer to Google Earth, will now provide satellite data to the general public, reported Deccan Chronicle. Registered users will be able to, browse and download satellite data through the city-based National Remote Sensing Centre’s Open Earth Observation Data Archive.

Bhuvan, which has many more features than the Google Earth, is run by ISRO which has thrown open some of the earth observation data obtained through its satellites.

Presently, users can download elevation data of CartoDEM-1arc second and Resourcesat-1: AWiFS data (56m) of the Indian region. Users can access other data in the near future.

Satellite earth observation data of Indian cities and terrain can be accessed from link provided at www.bhuvan.nrsc.gov.in or https://bhuvan-noeda.nrsc.gov.in.

Source: Deccan Chronicle