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Bhutan uses Gross National Happiness for implementing urbanisation

Greater Noida: In some of the key points of Wednesday's G-tech for sustainable habitats and urbanisation session, Dr. Zaffar S Mohamed Ghouse, Director, CRC for spatial information, introduced the concept of spatial tools in urban planning in an Australian context. Dr. Ghouse also shed light over the Envison tool that is used in planning precinct; 3D visualisation and community consultation including stakeholder engagement. The tool will be developed shortly in a web enabled open source environment. The tool is used by urban planning in several city councils in Australia and New Zealand.

Vikrant Joshi, General Manager, ADCC, and one of the speakers gave a presentation on its automated DCR system, which helps in expediting the process of getting multiple govt departments’ sanctions. The building plan approval system developed by ADCC helps in taking complex decisions easily. The system automates the planning process; single window facility for approval process; CAD scrutiny engine that manages workflow; etc.

Director of Urban Development Authority, Colombo, Pushpa Gamage delivered a presentation on 'smart data for smart people.' Meanwhile, Meghraj Adhikari, Urban Planning Specialist, Bhutan, talked about urbanisation in Bhutan. Although, he admitted there are difficulties in producing maps because of technology difficiency. But despite that urbanisation is rapid. The country is trying to address urbanisation via Gross National Happiness (GNH), which is being attempted in four parts that are described as four pillars of GNH. They are good governance, sustainable socio-economic development, cultural preservation, and environmental conservation.

Source: Our Correspondent