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Bhutan launches national geospatial data portal

Bhutan, October 20, 2014: Bhutan recently launched its National Geospatial Portal during the Bhutan GIS Expo in Thimphu. The portal which has been developed by Center for GIS Coordination and National Land Commission of Royal Government of Bhutan with the support from SERVIR-Himalaya and International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD).

The portal will offer access to geospatial data and information for users across Bhutan, and is part of Bhutan’s initiative of setting up a coordinated national spatial data infrastructure (SDI).

"Bhutan like many other mountain countries face many developmental challenges such as glacial melt and changing ecological and agricultural patterns,” said ICIMOD's Director General Dr David Molden. "Geo-information will encourage the use of technology in addressing the challenges brought about by climate change, especially in reducing the impact of natural disasters,” he added.

Source: ICMOD