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Bhubaneswar to have GIS-based property holdings

BHUBANESWAR, India: Bhubaneshwar city will soon have a GIS-based technique that would ascertain if the property holding has been assessed correctly or not. Though Bhubaneswar has developed fast in the last few years, the number of holdings has not matched pace. It can be attributed to old methods of assessing the holdings physically through inspectors who virtually decide who is going to pay what, notwithstanding the holding unit’s size. It will be passe soon. In the last four years, Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) has brought under assessment increasing number of holdings to mobilise more resources. As per available data, the assessed holdings in the city stood at just about 60,000 in 2003-04. It has gone up to 76,448 now. However, the actual number could well be over a lakh in the capital where the population has crossed 8-lakh mark. Keeping the growth in mind, BMC has joined hands with the Survey of India (SoI) which, currently, is conducting the survey for 2011 census. The BMC will also be a part of the house-to-house survey in its bid to achieve cent per cent assessment of holdings so that the Property Tax base increases.

While the joint survey with SoI will give BMC advantage of more holding units, it has also embarked on putting in place a GIS-based system which will create maps for the individual properties in the Capital. ‘‘Once we have the revised assessment, we can superimpose the GIS maps on them,’’ said the Municipal Commissioner. Under this method, the exact size of property will be ascertained. Besides, the GIS-system will also put in check the tax inspectors who often fudge figures.

At present, the holding units are categorised into residential, commercial, residential used on rent and government establishments and tax is imposed on that basis. In its bid to reach full assessment mark by bringing in the reforms, BMC has completed computerisation of the data of property tax.