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Bhopal city in India to levy property tax using GIS

Bhopal, India: The Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC), India, is set to launch a GIS that will facilitate management of property and property tax online. The new GIS, an e-governance project of the BMC will enable users to pay water bills and property tax through one bill unlike the present situation where you pay water charges and property tax separately to the corporation.

The GIS is an online system which will enroll roads, properties, water connections, water sources and important landmarks of the city into a digital base map, which can be viewed by the residents as well, officials said.

“The GIS will provide a unique property code for all the commercial and residential units in Bhopal, based on which one bill will be prepared for one code. Even if owner of property changes, the code remains the same,” Himanshu Bhutt, project engineer, BMC, told to media.

The project will also allow residents to view their properties online. “The GIS will enable the residents to view their properties online and help the corporation collect property taxes from them,” BMC commissioner Rajneesh Shrivastava said.

“We have surveyed all 70 wards under the corporation and have taken a note of all the registered and unregistered properties. It will take another six months to launch this project,” Himanshu Bhutt, said.

“This will be then merged with the Municipal Administrative System (MAS) for better administration,” he added.

Source: Times of India