Home News Bexar metropolitan water subscribes to Mapciti to enhance service

Bexar metropolitan water subscribes to Mapciti to enhance service

July 10-Syncline┬«, Inc. has announced that Bexar Metropolitan Water District has subscribed to MapCiti , Syncline’s fully automated e-government mapping service. MapCiti enables organizations to immediately Web-enable their geographical information systems (GIS) and provide essential services and information to internal departments and the general public without additional investments in technology.

Facilitating Communication and Information Access
Bexar Metropolitan Water provides water services to 75,000 customer accounts in the San Antonio, Texas area. The utility dispatches approximately 30 servicemen per day to perform routine maintenance on the area’s water systems. Currently, dispatchers communicate the details of a particular job to servicemen in the field via telephone.

With MapCiti, Bexar will be able to load all of its geo-referenced infrastructure data, including aerial photography, into MapCiti’s fully hosted, web-based mapping application and create regional maps of the city’s water infrastructure online. Dispatchers and servicemen will access and view these maps from any location, using only a standard web browser, to communicate about jobs. By clicking on entities on the map, they will retrieve detailed information about those entities, including hotlinks to other information sources housed at Bexar.