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Better Internet maps for Wanadoo users

Wanadoo users throughout Europe now have access to the most accurate and up-to-date maps on the Internet. This is the result of a partnership agreement between Tele Atlas, the provider of digital maps and Wanadoo, France’s number one Internet service provider. Finding an address and routing or downloading maps on devices such as PDAs and mobile phones have become very popular among Internet users. After considering the quality and suitability of the mapping data, Wanadoo selected Tele Atlas for its portals and its nearly nine million active customers. The deal with Wanadoo Maps makes Tele Atlas the leading map supplier to the French Internet market.

Wanadoo Maps’ services are produced in 6 languages, and are firmly aimed at a European audience, as this agreement enables access to all of Tele Atlas’ European maps and databases. The complete, correct and up-to-date data makes it possible to generate extremely detailed maps whose features include the direction of traffic, the rail network, rivers and lakes. Tele Atlas data is also used to calculate the itineraries proposed by Wanadoo Maps. It takes Internet users just a few seconds to display itineraries and maps based on 5,600,000 kilometres of roads and streets in France and in Europe (equivalent to 140 times around the Earth), giving an extremely detailed database of over 335,000 towns, villages and localities in Europe.