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Bermuda to update geographical data through aerial survey

Bermuda: The Department of Land Surveys and Registration; under the Ministry of Environment, Planning and Infrastructure Strategy, Bermuda, commissioned aerial survey of the island. It is estimated to cost USD 260,000.

The Minister of Environment, Planning and Infrastructure Strategy Marc Bean, said, “The Bermuda Mapping Update Project is something that will be of great benefit to our island and is long overdue. Aerial photography and mapping were last updated in 2003 and since then over 1200 addresses have been created and are not mapped.”

“Significant infrastructure developments are missing from the maps such as the National Stadium, Berkeley School and large housing developments such as Whale Watch, Loughlands and Harbour Side Village. Furthermore, many buildings and infrastructure no longer exist but are still shown on the existing mapping, for example the Sonesta Beach Resort and the Club Med Hotel.”

“The omission of key detail reduces the quality and value of mapping. Up-to-date quality mapping is fundamental to Bermuda’s modern digital economy because the majority of government and private projects require spatial information to operate,” he concluded.

The survey will be conducted in two phases. In the first phase, a specialist survey aircraft will take high resolution aerial photography of the island. This stage will begin early next month and the Ministry has advised the public in advance to not to get alarmed by the low-flying aircraft. In the second phase, the survey company will extract information from the photographs and create a digital map of Bermuda.”

To do this, survey section needs to mark the ground with a number of large white targets which are surveyed to great accuracy, and are used to orientate and scale the photographs and “connect” them to the ground. Staff from the Land Surveys Department has begun painting such targets.

Senior Land Surveyor at the Ministry of Environment, Planning and Infrastructure Strategy Peter Hopkin BA, FRICS, MSc (GIS) said, “This aerial survey is the culmination of seven years’ work to upgrade Bermuda’s national reference system for modern use. There is a high, and rapidly increasing, demand for digital data for use with GIS both within government and from the private sector.”

The data will be used extensively throughout government, but copies of the photographs and mapping will be available for purchase by the public.

Source: Bernews