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Berlin is launching intranet information for the land registry

In the second stage of the property registry information system, Berlin has implemented an integrated information system for the data of the Automated Property Map and the Automated Property Book (ALB). Berlin districts can now access information about properties and owners via the intranet and provide this information to customers as officially authorized material. The Senate Administration for City Development (SenStadt) is responsible for this new solution, which is based on SICAD Internet technology (SICAD-IMS) from AED-SICAD and its partner grit. Authorized users from all twelve districts of Berlin can now each for property registry information on the up-to-the-minute database for their administrative district. Not only can the intranet information be used in the survey offices, it can provide documentary evidence for a variety of applications in the numerous district offices. The Berlin e-government solution that brings property information directly to the people was officially launched on May 14, 2003 in the survey office of the Berlin district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg.
The district property registry information system is a further development of the central intranet information system of the Berlin ALB/ALK database, which has been available since the year 2000. The latest changes to the property map and the property book are recorded in the districts and, as part of a weekly update, are loaded into the central database which is managed by the Senate Administration for City Development. With the solution that has now been further developed and implemented by the SenStadt the survey offices of the various districts can access the latest version of the database via the intranet. The contents are linked via the plot codes contained in the ALK and the ALB. The property information presented in map form and the alphanumerical ownership data can therefore be output in the form of officially authorized plots. Ownership information in the form of an authorized edition of the plot and property relationships is of great value for citizens and local business, so there is likely to be a high level of demand. After all, this information will be used as a basis for property transactions, finance arrangements and loan agreements. The Berlin e-government solution comes from a citizen-friendly, service-oriented administration and creates the basis for offering property information not only in the district survey offices but also in the various other local government offices.
The uniform system configuration of the property register information system makes administration tasks easier and reduces costs. The production data is recorded and managed for the whole of Berlin with SICAD. As the SICAD Internet Map Service platform is compatible with the web mapping specification of the OpenGIS Consortium (OGC), the official geo data can be used by other administrations and geo information systems without the need for proprietary facilities for holding secondary data. SenStadt is continuing to work on expanding the Berlin registry information system. In the next expansion stages, which are scheduled to come into effect before the end of 2003, access is to be provided to the property registry information system via the Internet for authorized users such as accredited survey engineers.