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Bentley’s sees growth potential in Asian market- A Report

Bentley International User Conference 2002 began here on 19th May with about 3000 delegates from over 40 countries worldwide. Charles Ferrucci, Vice President, Corporate Marketing welcomed the delegates and dignitaries to the beautiful Atlantic City and introduced the agenda of the conference for week. He said that this year’s agenda has been targeted in the field of Manufacturing plant, building, transportation, government and utilities.

Corporate Direction
Taking over from Charles, Greg Bentley, CEO of Bentley Systems presented the corporate and technological direction of the company. He said that we at Bentley are focusing on developing a comprehensive portfolio of all the applications of AEC and in the process completed the acquisition of MIDAS, Civil/Plotting/Raster, GEOPAK, Geo (Waste) Water, and Rebis. He emphasized on “Intensive” and “Extensive” leveraging of the products and services for providing a comprehensive solutions to the users. Bhupinder Singh, VP Content Publishing outlaid Bentley’s vision in the field of content management and publishing. He talked about Bentley Publisher, a server-based application that allows dynamic viewing project files and images from Web browsers.

ESRI – Bentley Partnership
One of the important messages, which were signalled out by the key executives of Bentley, is likely partnership with ESRI in the field of high-end GIS analysis. An impression was given that Bentley is going to focus more and more on AEC and Geo-engineering. With regard to GIS, Bentley is opting to focus on data capture, conversion, validation, and further passing the same to complete GIS System. It seems that for complete GIS system, Bentley is in touch with ESRI Inc., the leading GIS company and as per Jackie Sandgaard, Director Industry Marketing, International Telecommunication and Utilities, Bentley is in the process of collaboration with ESRI and they are presenting a joint paper in August 2002.

Bentley in Asia Pacific
GIS Development team discussed in length about the presence and focus of Bentley Systems in Asia Pacific Region. Speaking to GIS Development Ian Hemmings, Vice President, Bentley Systems Asia Pacific said that Asia Pacific holds key for Bentley and we are doing very well in this region. Bentley has shown decent growth in past few years with new customers joining the Bentley users segment from this region.

Regional Blocks in Asia Pacific:
Bentley Systems operates in Asia pacific region through mainly four regional blocks. They are:

  • South Asia: South Asia operation is headquartered in New Delhi, India and Sandeep Srivastava is the Regional Director for the region. This region is basically dominated by India and it offers a large market for Bentley Systems. Bentley India has grown up to about 400% in previous two years in terms of manpower and operations. It has delivered very well in terms of business and the presence of Bentley is increasing strongly. India has been traditionally a big market for Bentley Geoengineering and mapping solutions. It has major installations of Microstation. Ian Hemmings sees immense potential of “Projectwise” in India, where the offshore jobs works are being offloaded. Projectwise offers the facility for the clients to monitor the progress of the work being executed on a continuous basis.
  • China and Hong Kong: China is quite similar to Indian market and it also offers a very big opportunity for Bentley. Although it is not as matured market for Bentley as India but still it has more potential. The market in China is more dominated by the Institutions, Government and Semi-Government organizations that are the major customers for these services. The market is more inward looking. Most of the large project with huge funding is generating ample opportunities for services within the country.
  • Australia and New Zealand: Australia is the strongest market for Bentley in the region. Australia and New Zealand are quite mature market and brings the maximum revenue from the region. Although the region is saturated with regard to traditional solutions but it offers huge potential for vertical applications and AEC. The region is pretty much on 3D modelling and is very much ahead in this technology. The region is very much eager to adopt newer technology and hence V8 has great potential for Bentley.
  • South East Asia: South East Asia actually did well for Bentley. This region is has mixed market if we look at AEC and Geo-engineering. On the one side this region has territories like Singapore, which are very technology oriented and quite advanced and matured market. AEC is quite strong in Singapore. Singapore market was expected to shrink but it actually did not. It did fairly well for Bentley. On the other hand we have territories like Malaysia and Thailand, which are in working on both 2D and 3D environment. It has potential for both the traditional Microstation and V8 and projectwise. These territories is quite government driven. Indonesia is a big market with lots of potential, but the only concern is the stability of the region. Philippine is doing well for the Bentley.

During the discussion Ian Hemmings did not touch in detail about Korea and Japan since these territories does not come under his command.

A report by By Sanjay Kumar and Maneesh Prasad, GIS Development.