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Bentley’s Reality Modeling solution now offers cloud services

Bentley 3D Mesh

US: Bentley Systems announces the general access of its reality modeling cloud services, ContextCapture Cloud Processing Service, and ProjectWise ContextShare.

UAV companies and surveying and engineering firms that leverage reality modeling in-house can utilize ContextCapture Cloud Processing Service to upload photos and generate 3D engineering-ready reality meshes, orthophotos, digital surface models, and point clouds dramatically faster than ever before. This high-performance, cloud-based service automates the production of 3D models of virtually any size without the need for high-end hardware or specialized IT support. Now organizations can leverage a simplified setup to quickly scale their projects and expand use to any project team to easily document as-is context affordably, with less investment of time and resources.

Through use of a desktop or a mobile application, users can quickly produce 3D models of existing conditions and upload them for processing to the ContextCapture Cloud Processing Service. This service is easy to use and simple to set up, making it practical for any organization to provide precise real-world context for all phases of an asset’s lifecycle.

The ContextCapture desktop application enables instant uploading of photos and setting of ground control points for generating 3D reality meshes. And, ContextCapture Mobile is an easy-to-use reality modeling app used to quickly create and display 3D models from photos taken with a phone or tablet.

Reality modeling data may now be stored in ProjectWise ContextShare, a new cloud service that extends Bentley’s connected data environment. Reality meshes can be securely uploaded to ProjectWise ContextShare and then streamed to ProjectWise users for use in design, analytical, and construction modeling workflows. This high-performance cloud service makes the use of very large reality meshes as context for engineering and geospatial work practical.

“ContextCapture Cloud Processing Service and ProjectWise ContextShare empowers engineering and surveying professionals to extend the value of their services throughout the infrastructure lifecycle,” said Francois Valois, senior product director of reality modeling. “These services are ideal for professionals using handheld devices or UAVs to perform 3D photogrammetry faster than ever before using the only available multi-engine cloud processing service on the market.”

Thomas Daubigny, Bureau Veritas chief digital officer, said, “Reality modeling is becoming pivotal in many industries as it fundamentally changes the management of assets and reinvents the handling of inspections, maintenance, and training, while opening doors to brand new services. Bureau Veritas is playing a key role in leveraging digital engineering models, implementing acquisition, and classifying objects based on its expertise on the asset, and ultimately operating the model as a data gatekeeper. The new Bentley ContextCapture cloud processing service will provide us the flexibility and power to accelerate the deployment of such innovations to our clients.”