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Bentley’s eB Insight for asset management

Orlando, US: Bentley Systems, Inc, released eB Insight – the foundation of Bentley’s AssetWise platform. AssetWise provides operations information modelling that increases the return on investment for owner-operators of infrastructure assets. Bentley’s new eB Insight enables users to further reduce the cost of operations, improve decision making, more efficiently meet regulatory and compliance requirements, reduce business risk, and increase safety and performance.

eB software, which Bentley added to its portfolio through its acquisition of Enterprise Informatics in February 2010, is a leading mainstay in nuclear operations –where it is deployed in power generation units, fuel processing, waste management and research. Among other sectors globally taking advantage of eB software are energy companies, rail, government, and construction.

Sid Snitkin, Vice President and General Manager of enterprise advisory services, ARC Advisory Group, said, “With the new release of eB Insight, the market is finally getting what it has been looking for – Asset Lifecycle Information Management software that can address both operational optimisation of asset performance and engineering content from modifications and upgrades to existing assets. This puts Bentley in the singular position of being able to improve infrastructure asset operations across the entire lifecycle – delivering Project Information Management through Bentley’s ProjectWise and Asset Information Management for engineering and operations content through AssetWise.”

Alan Kiraly, Bentley Vice President, Operations Products, said, “eB Insight supports the delivery of innovative and robust asset information modelling and management capabilities to owner-operators, enabling them to realise the full potential of intelligent, better-performing infrastructure assets. In Bentley’s continuing development of eB Insight, we are able to take advantage of the company’s extensive project and engineering content experience and knowledge to increase the fidelity with which our AssetWise platform deals with project deliverables throughout an asset’s lifecycle.”

Source: Bentley