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Bentley Systems has announced that Parsons, an engineering, program management, and construction firm, in collaboration with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), has selected WaterGEMS, from Bentley’s Haestad Methods product line, for use in major potable water system developments in Baghdad, Iraq. Based on assessments of various hydraulic modeling programs, Parsons chose WaterGEMS for its advanced geospatial modeling capabilities. WaterGEMS provides the capability to meet the Baghdad Water Supply Authority’s requirements in developing a future GIS-enabled water management system.

Iraq’s major water treatment and pumping facilities are operating significantly below capacity, due largely to years of neglect prior to the conflict. Some water meant for consumption is untreated, and many rural communities have no access to potable water. However, improvements are under way, and an anticipated 11.8 million Iraqis will benefit from USAID’s $600 million in water and sanitation projects.

Through water distribution modeling, Parsons will use a two-phase approach to identify water treatment, pumping, storage, transmission, and distribution system improvements. The initial phase includes prioritizing improvements for Baghdad’s system. WaterGEMS will be used to analyze the distribution and transmission systems, and to establish gross supply and demand estimates. In the second phase, WaterGEMS will be used to identify system improvements required to expand water coverage to nearby rural areas. Successful implementation of this project will allow the city of Baghdad and its surrounding communities to use water treatment, transmission, and distribution systems to their fullest.