Bentley YII2015: ContextCapture supports reality modeling for infrastructure

Bentley YII2015: ContextCapture supports reality modeling for infrastructure


UK: On Day One of Bentley’s Year in Infrastructure 2015 Conference the company announced ContextCapture, the first product release of the Acute3D software which it acquired earlier this year. The software allows organizations to apply 3D models of real-world context to benefit infrastructure design, construction, or operations. Users can easily produce high resolution 3D models of existing conditions using photos taken with any digital camera.

The software generates a detailed reality mesh incorporating the referenced photography. This results in a navigable 3D model with fine and photorealistic detail, sharp edges, and precise geometric accuracy. These highly detailed models can be of virtually any size or resolution, up to city scale, and created much more quickly than with other technologies.


• A new multi-platform browser plug-in and desktop viewer that supports multitouch and allows users to easily and consistently share reality meshes on desktop and mobile devices

• Enhanced level-of-detail generation and adaptive tiling, including tools for surface and volume measurement

• Directly providing context for engineering and geospatial workflows, including native support within MicroStation CONNECT Edition

Source: Bentley