Bentley YII2015: Cloud services subscription program introduced

Bentley YII2015: Cloud services subscription program introduced


UK: At The Year in Infrastructure 2015 Conference, Bentley has announced a new subscription program for Cloud-based access to services and apps, administration of term licenses, professional services, Bentley Institute LEARNservices, and new CONNECT Edition Cloud Services. The unique features of the program include:

• Organizations will set their subscription level to an annual budget that matches their anticipated usage

• Only services actually used will be charged quarterly against the subscription balance

• The subscription balance never expires, so when actual usage does not match anticipated usage, any remaining balance rolls forward – in other words, there isno “use it or lose it” risk.

Bentley Systems CEO Greg Bentley said, “Connecting through cloud services is so fundamentally valuable to our users, their projects, and their enterprises that we want to eliminate any commercial deterrent to user organizations’ taking full advantage.”

Source: Bentley