Home News Bentley Systems announces introductory access programmes for the connect edition

Bentley Systems announces introductory access programmes for the connect edition

US: Bentley Systems has announced new programmes at the inaugural CONNECTION Event introducing the CONNECT Edition. The CONNECT Edition provides the first common environment for comprehensive project delivery – comprising a common modeling environment, common performance environment, and common data environment. The CONNECT Edition leverages the Microsoft Azure cloudservice to span hybrid computing configurations for every project and enterprise. From the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, the CONNECTION Event series moves on to 28 cities around the globe over the next five months.

MicroStation CONNECT Edition: Introductory Access Program

MicroStation CONNECT Edition provides the common modeling environment for comprehensive infrastructure delivery. Its innovations, which include functional components and a common documentation center, enable optioneering across disciplines.

Santanu Das, Bentley senior vice president, design and simulation, said, “I would like to thank the users we invited to robustly exercise MicroStation CONNECT Edition through the Early Access Program. Now we are extending an invitation to every MicroStation SELECT subscriber, along with every SELECT Open Access subscriber and Enterprise License Subscriber, to introduce MicroStation CONNECT Edition (SELECTseries 1) into their current toolset – to facilitate this advancement, there is no change from the MicroStation V8i file format.”

The Introductory Access Program for MicroStation CONNECT Edition is scheduled to open on June 1, 2015. At that time, eligible users will be able to download the software at www.bentley.com/CONNECT.

For more information visit www.bentley.com/500