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Bentley releases Japanese version of digital InterPlot

Bentley Systems, Incorporated, announced the release of Digital InterPlot in Japanese. Digital InterPlot is Bentley’s plot management server for network plotting, digital sharing, and digital archiving of AEC plot sets. Digital sharing of plot sets ensures that all participants always have access to the right information for AEC projects and operations. With digital sharing, plots can be distributed among colleagues and consultants over a network or made available on- demand via a secure portal. Project participants can view and print up-to-date, high fidelity plots anywhere at any time, improving collaboration and ensuring the consistency of project information.

Digital InterPlot reaches an important milestone by providing a complete and secure way to archive plots while ensuring that they retain their high fidelity. Digital archiving secures the documentation of AEC projects and infrastructure that have decades-long lifespan and maintenance requirements. Network plotting capabilities offload processing from the desktop to a plotting server, and advanced features like historical comparisons improve operational efficiency.

Digital InterPlot has a proven return on investment, enabling organizations to achieve a higher level of coordination in planning, reduced liability and construction costs, and greater operational efficiency. Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) in the United States, for example, has implemented Digital InterPlot to streamline engineering operations, project plan management, and electronic bid solicitation. The department will save a projected US$192,000 annually in printing, packaging, and mailing costs.