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Bentley releases Geo Web Publisher 2004 edition

Bentley Systems has recently announced the release of Bentley Geo Web Publisher 2004 Edition, a high-performance Internet server that enables local or regional governments, utilities, communications providers, and other organizations to easily and cost-effectively develop and deploy customized Internet sites offering public access to spatially indexed content.

Ideal for smaller organizations with limited IT support and for larger ones that need to quickly deploy temporary project or permanent Web sites, Bentley Geo Web Publisher provides affordable, high-fidelity publishing of geospatial data on the Internet without complicated programming. Cost savings are provided by an innovative licensing scheme that puts this technology within the reach of even small local governments.

To speed implementation, an intelligent Web site design wizard guides choices for layout, colors, display controls, tools, and other interface elements – enabling complex Web sites to be developed and deployed by nonprogrammers in minutes. In addition, the wizard gives site administrators a tool to help them manage content to be published. Possible applications include, among others, municipal information systems, image or drawing archives, map-based navigational sites, project sites, and public information portals.

Because it publishes hybrid vector/raster datasets and more than 30 formats (such as MicroStation DGN and MicroStation GeoGraphics information, Digital InterPlot DPR files, and other geospatial formats), Bentley Geo Web Publisher lets the developers of these sites easily add drawings, maps, models, aerial photography, and images – providing user-targeted browser presentations.