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Bentley releases 3D desktop GIS software

Exton, US: Bentley Systems Inc., released Map V8i (SELECTseries 2), a desktop GIS software for infrastructure that is intrinsically 3D. According to the company’s press statement, the V8i (SELECTseries 2) provides new time-saving, productivity-enhancing functionality that further reduces costs and risks of geospatial data sharing across infrastructure projects and enterprises. It is available in three editions:
– Bentley Map PowerView for the light editor/reviewer of spatial information;
– Bentley Map for the GIS professional who creates, edits, analyses, and maintains spatial information; and
– Bentley Map Enterprise for the GIS professional who needs access to advanced image management, solids texturing, document conversion, and long transactions in Oracle Spatial without the need for a server license.

All three editions natively support advanced 3D GIS modelling and analysis workflows by delivering highly accurate, engineering-quality spatial data. Bentley Map V8i’s newly extended ability to work with the ProjectWise collaboration platform empowers multidiscipline project teams to easily manage, find, share and visualise geospatial and CAD content, other project data and Microsoft Office documents. ProjectWise facilitates fast access to even the largest files, manages change efficiently and effectively, and empowers distributed project teams to work collaboratively to eliminate wasted time and improve project quality.

Additional features of Bentley Map V8i (SELECTseries 2) that lead to significant time savings and increased productivity include:
– The ability to generate both 2D and 3D spatial data, enabling users to easily edit and manage information in a seamless workflow;
– A unified geospatial environment providing direct access to 2D and 3D data within a standard Oracle database, plus native access to many other spatial data formats, including SHP, TAB, and GML;
– The ability to perform complex and precise spatial analyses, and to create semantically intelligent and photorealistic 3D models;
– Map finishing tools that facilitate advanced text placements, colour separations and PDF deliverables;
– Advanced parcel management functionality, including cadastral mapping tools for editing and placement and COGO Editor, that helps manage parcel fabric, simplify parcel creation, and enhance interoperability with survey data;
– The capabilities (with Bentley Map Enterprise) to execute long transactions in Oracle Spatial without a server product, along with support for advanced raster image management and 3D texturing – for example, to support 3D City GIS workflows incorporating photorealistic views.

Enhanced interoperability enables users of the new release of Bentley Map V8i to further leverage PDF formats and to fully leverage Google Earth to visualise projects. In addition, exported i-models add project and enterprise value through Bentley View, Bentley Navigator and many other applications.

Finally, because Bentley Map V8i now includes a full application programming interface (API), software developers will find it ideal for developing custom GIS applications offering unprecedented ease of use.

The new Bentley Map product line replaces Bentley PowerMap Field, Bentley PowerMap, Bentley PowerDraft for Mapping, Bentley Cadastre, and Bentley CADscript.

Source: Bentley