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Bentley ProjectWise Construction Work Package Server launched

US: Bentley Systems has launched the ProjectWise Construction Work Package Server, the first commercial off-the-shelf system for managing the lifecycle of construction work packages. This innovative new product allows constructors to work more effectively by providing them with the information they need for construction – regardless of source – in an actionable format, and to construct more consistently by utilising automated work packaging tools. It also allows constructors to operate more confidently and owners to better manage their contractors by providing access to real-time project metrics, including key performance indicators and 3D status visualisation.

Greg Bentley, CEO, Bentley said, “The timing is auspicious for our major new construction offering, as we are now bringing to market what I believe to be the only software that can enable the new recommendations, and consequent project performance improvements, of CII RT 272 for Advanced Work Packaging. The addition of Construction Work Package Server extends the reach of ProjectWise functionality all the way through ConstructSim workface planning, made possible by leveraging our i-model deliverables and our eB/Information Manager (eB/IM) to maintain the relationships and changes at the level of construction component instances, across EWPs, CWPs, IWPs, and related enterprise systems for procurement and crafts. And I think only Bentley Systems could make this work for projects that start with our own design tools or others – including SmartPlant 3D and/or PDMS – in any combination.”

ProjectWise in Construction

Bentley’s ProjectWise collaboration servers have become the established mainstay for work sharing and engineering content management for the:

  • ENR Top Design Firms (25 of Top 25, 46 of Top 50, and 82 of Top 100).

But increasingly, their reach has been extended throughout integrated project delivery among the:

  • ENR Top Design-Build Firms (18 of Top 25, 26 of Top 50), and
  • ENR Top Contractors (20 of Top 25, 29 of Top 50).

Source: Bentley