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Bentley plans GIS centre in Hyderabad

Bentley Systems is planning to set up a centre in Hyderabad by next year as part of its plans to further consolidate its presence in the geospatial services. The move is aimed at tapping the multi-crore mapping and geospatial service industry in Hyderabad, which is also called the GIS capital of India. The company plans to hold a discussion forum having participation from both public and private sector companies such as the National Remote Sensing Agency, Adrin, AP Forestry, Tata Teleservices, Reliance Infocomm, Satyam Navigation, Infotech Enterprises and many others. The forum will aim to discuss geospatial technologies and trends to create and publish geospatial information for building, operating and maintaining infrastructural needs.

While the market size for geospatial services is over Rs 800 crore, Hyderabad is leading in the map conversion industry covering about 60 per cent of its business. Bentley Systems has so far invested US$5 million and plans to increase its workforce after the office is set up in Hyderabad. Working on the platform of its flagship model, MicroStation, Bentley has clients in the Indian Army, National Highways Authority, Ministry of Road Transport, Indian Air Force. The company clocked about US$2 million during last year and plans to reap US$4 million this year by expansion of user base to non-mapping areas besides developing front-end applications to simplify GIS applications.

Indian Express
21st October 2003
New Delhi