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Bentley OpenUtilities expands district energy solution and support for European standards

A district energy network displaying default property values based on user-defined attribute.

US: Bentley Systems announces new capabilities for OpenUtilities for owners and operators of utility infrastructure. These capabilities will better support global utilities seeking to incorporate renewable energy sources and provide new opportunities for deployment as a cloud service. The capabilities include:

  • Deployment as a cloud service leveraging Microsoft Azure to deliver OpenUtilities applications.
  • Improved support for regional, national, and federal European standards for utility network documentation, engineering, and regulatory compliance by incorporating capabilities previously delivered through sisNET.
  • New support for district energy, a cornerstone sustainable and renewable energy solution for efficient heating and cooling.

The incorporation of sisNET capabilities builds on Bentley’s leading OpenUtilities solution, which provides utility-specific geospatial network management integrated with Bentley’s mapping and engineering design applications. OpenUtilities will interoperate with enterprise asset management (EAM) systems through a connected data environment to ensure utilities can leverage their network and engineering information throughout their operational workflows.

Dirk Moraw, GIS administrator, Stadtwerke Sindelfingen GmbH, said, “We are very enthusiastic about the expansion of the OpenUtilities to include the capabilities we need to be competitive and meet our operational challenges in Europe. The ability to maintain our network models in OpenUtilities and to leverage those to meet renewable energy targets, achieve regulatory compliance, and address other operational needs is extremely valuable to our organization.”

Vonnie Smith, VP of Utility Asset Performance, Bentley Systems, said, “We are very excited about the possibilities these new capabilities introduce for our users as they strive to excel in a changing marketplace. Bentley OpenUtilities enables utilities around the world to align their engineering and design processes and deliverables to exceed required engineering accuracy, to implement best practice mapping and geospatial standards, and to streamline operational workflows. More importantly, OpenUtilities enables workflows for managing information of infrastructure assets and allows owners and operators more control over CAPEX and OPEX expenditures to best manage the cost of their assets over their lifecycle.”

About OpenUtilities
OpenUtilities is for owners and operators who design, construct, manage and/or operate utility infrastructure. With OpenUtilities, these organizations can integrate geospatial network management and design to manage geospatially dispersed network assets, perform thematic and spatial analysis, create map products, comply with regulations, and plan work.