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Bentley joins FIG as Platinum Corporate Member

Copenhagen, Denmark, 21 February 2007 – The International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) has announced that Bentley Systems, Inc. has joined FIG as a Platinum Corporate Member. Bentley, which was named the world’s number 2 vendor of GIS/geospatial solutions in a Daratech study, will take an active role in FIG in support of its strategy of advancing GIS for infrastructure.

Professor Stig Enemark, President of FIG, said, “We are extremely gratified to welcome Bentley as a Platinum corporate member of FIG. It is important that we have close relationships with those companies that are shaping the market for infrastructure engineering and GIS software solutions. The two-way feedback between our other members and Bentley will benefit both the surveyor community and Bentley.”

As Oscar Custers, Business Development Director, Bentley Geospatial, explained, “Bentley sees the surveyor community as a fundamental contributor to the lifecycle of infrastructure. Infrastructure extends and builds upon the geometry of the Earth’s surface. Therefore, both the positional and geometric accuracy of the underlying maps is critical, especially as users start to model cities and other types of infrastructure in 3D.”

Custers continued, “Bentley believes that FIG provides the perfect forum for understanding the needs of surveyors worldwide. Our engagement with its membership will help ensure that Bentley’s GIS and infrastructure engineering solutions further advance the cutting edge of innovation in this important profession.”

Bentley, is also joining the FIG Working Week and General Assembly in Hong Kong SAR, 13-17 May 2007 as a sponsor and will present a paper on the benefits of federated data management, interoperability, collaboration and standards-based solutions at this event.

For more information about FIG visit www.fig.net.

For more information about Bentley’s infrastructure engineering and GIS solutions, visit https://www.bentley.com/en-US/Markets/Geospatial/.