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Bentley introduces Learning Qualification programme

Bangalore, India: Bentley Systems announced the launch of an important new initiative, Learning Qualification programme, from Bentley Institute at ‘Be Together: The Be Communities LIVE Conference’. It aims to help Bentley users, gain well-deserved recognition for milestones in professional learning and skills development. It builds on existing Bentley Institute programmes, including Bentley LEARN, that empower infrastructure professionals to advance their careers and infrastructure organisations to secure new work.

The programme includes:
– Learning Paths, curriculum plans that guide users in prioritising training.
– Learning Units, to measure time invested in improving knowledge and skills.
– Learning History, an online transcript of skills improvement over time.

The programme acknowledges the skills development Bentley users achieve by successfully completing required training courses on a Bentley Learning Path. To showcase their new skills, Qualified Learners receive a certificate.

Source: Bentley