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Bentley International User Conference 2002- A report

Bentley International User Conference 2002 began here in Atlantic City New Jersey on 20th May with about 3000 delegates from over 40 countries worldwide. Charles Ferrucci, Vice President, Corporate Marketing welcomed the delegates and dignitaries to the beautiful Atlantic City and introduced the agenda of the conference for week. He said that this year’s agenda has been targeted in the field of Manufacturing plant, building, transportation, government and utilities.

Taking over from Charles, Greg Bentley, CEO of Bentley Systems presented the corporate and technological direction of the company. He said that we at Bentley are focussing on developing a comprehensive portfolio of all the applications of AEC and in the process completed the aquisition of MIDAS, Civil/Plotting/Raster, GEOPAK, Geo (Waste) Water, and Rebis. He emphasised on “Intensive” and “Extensive” leveraging of the products and services for providing a comprehensive solutions to the users.

One of the most important and exciting Keynote address of the day was presented by Mr. Walker Lee Evey, Programme Manager, Pentagon Renovation Programme Office. In his presentation he touched upon the issues of how technology and in particular maps and drawings created using Microstation were helpful in rescue operations during the 9/11 Terrorist attack on Pentagon. He informed that within 24 hours of the attack his team could locate the maps and drawings of the building which helped a lot to undertake not only rescue operations but also began rebuilding of the Pentagon. He emphasised that since we had database about the design and columns of the building, we could award US$ 15 billion order to rebuild the Pentagon within six days time after the attack.