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Bentley institute offers expanded schedule of courses

July 12, 2002 – Bentley Institute is offering several new and updated courses on MicroStation and GEOPAK. Many of the courses, which at one time were only available directly through Bentley Authorized Training Centers, are now available for registration online on the Bentley Institute Web site.

New courses include:

  • DWG for MicroStation Users
  • Introduction to Bentley Raster Tools
  • MicroStation VBA for Non-Programmers
  • MicroStation VBA for VB Professionals
  • Architecture for MicroStation TriForma and Structural for MicroStation TriForma V8 Update
  • Essential MicroStation
  • Moving to MicroStation
  • Productive MicroStation
  • MicroStation V8 Administrator Update
  • MicroStation V8 User Update
  • As well as all Bentley GEOPAK training courses.