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Bentley gets new address of UK headquarters

London, UK: Bentley Systems, Inc., opened its new UK headquarters at 20 Gracechurch Street in the City of London. Bentley’s new office overlooks London’s inspiring skyline comprising many landmark structures designed and built by leading user organisations with the help of Bentley’s information modelling and collaboration software. Bentley’s new premises, in the former Barclay’s Bank headquarters building, is designed by BDP, in keeping with Bentley’s commitment to sustaining the environment, the project is expected to achieve a “Very Good” BREEAM rating and “Silver” LEED certification.

According to Bentley’s press statement, the company commissioned BDP to create a world-class interior layout and design for the office that provides an attractive and comfortable work, training and sales presentation environment using sustainable methods and materials. Its energy efficiencies and environmentally friendly attributes include special lighting with daylight-linked dimming controls, localised controls for heating and cooling that take advantage of advanced sensor technology to feed occupancy data into the building management system, water-efficient appliances and much more.

During the celebration event of new headquarters, Greg Bentley, CEO of the company said, “Our expanded investment in London is consistent with the UK’s aggressive commitment to continued sustainable infrastructure development to underpin its long-term economic growth. The UK is leading the world in implementing best practices for the use of digital infrastructure to manage the lifecycle of physical infrastructure, and its new National Infrastructure Plan sets the stage for accelerating these efforts going forward. Its goals include reducing public sector construction costs and continued emphasis on private sector investment in infrastructure. The Government Construction Strategy of May 2011 clearly recognizes that the keys for achieving these objectives are ‘fully collaborative 3D building information modelling’ and ‘integrated solutions’ – Bentley hallmarks.”

Bentley added, “During the past 10 years, Bentley’s footprint in the UK has grown eightfold to now include almost 200 colleagues throughout the country, all of whom are proud now to be appropriately headquartered in the City of London. Over this same time period, I have been continually impressed by the UK’s thought leadership in originating and propagating innovations such as generative design, best practices for collaboration, and intelligent asset management. Accordingly, the UK leads the world in adoption of Bentley’s ProjectWise and AssetWise offerings. And at Bentley Systems, we have gained competitively worldwide, based on what we have learned in the course of our close working relationship with UK users. Now more than ever, through our new commitment represented here in London, we look forward to ‘Working Smarter, Together’ in the UK to further advance sustaining infrastructure for improved quality of life.”

Source: Bentley